Tips For Selling a Mobile Home

Preparing for sale in today’s market. I am a full brokerage Realtor but also has mobile/manufactured homes as one of my sub specialties. The same principles apply in selling mobile homes as it does in traditional single family homes. Some are located in all age parks and some are 55+ Senior Parks. One of the keys to selling mobile/ manufactured homes is PICTURES… good pictures… pictures telling a story. Place on various real estate and mobile home selling portals including Craigslist.

This requires your home being show ready just as a traditional home. Clean up the clutter, paint where you can or do touch up. Have the exterior power washed and/or at the very least have the landscape around the home picked up and showing clear of any clutter, shrubs and flowers trimmed and watered. Just as first impressions are so important with traditional housing the same applies to mobile/manufactured housing. บริษัทรับสร้างบ้าน

Inspections are just as important as traditional housing. I encourage homeowners get inspections if at all possible PRIOR to putting on market and setting list price… sometimes things are found that can be easily corrected at minimal cost that if found on buyers inspections can be a catalyst for buyer to come back and ask for repairs or price reduction far outweighing the cost of the item in need of repair. California for an example is a disclosure state regarding the sale of traditional real estate and also Applies to mobile/manufactured homes. By disclosing up front any known issues, past repairs, etc along with a current home inspection or a Health and Safety Inspection by a Professional Licensed Home Inspections up front can assist in determining what value to use as the initial list price.

You still need to keep in mind, like sales within your area, age of home, single vs double wide and whether your home will draw in a cash buyer or a buyer in need of a loan.While mobile/manufactured home living may not be for all there is a demand for such for many buyers who may not qualify for a traditional home or for seniors looking for a community to retire and/or for those who travel and have either summer or winter homes and do not want a traditional home.

The importance of readying your home for sale is to draw in as many qualified buyers as possible to enhance your opportunity to obtain the greatest value.

I have run into many sellers who complain they bought home AS IS and don’t understand why they should prepare a home for sale YET they want maximum value in today’s market.(They confessed they did not pay full price when they bought) Even offering a first year home warranty can bring positive results… so keep in mind the better the home shows and is marketed the greater propensity you will have to achieve the value for your home that you desire. Good Luck in listing and selling your mobile/manufactured home!

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