Panama Canal – Central America’s Amazing Tourism Destination

The Panama Canal often comes to mind when we think of the country’s up north and is most likely the single best known among Americans. The canal bridges the Isthmus of Panama which connects the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean. It defined its country’s predestination since the beginning of the Spanish settlement. Commonly hailed as the Crossroads of the world, it is the shipping center with over thirteen thousand boats fleeting the canal from ocean to ocean to myriad destinations every year.

The history of the Panama Canal which was built by the United States recedes to 16th century when it was suggested after recognizing the riches of Peru, Ecuador, and Asia. The realization that cutting out a piece of land somewhere in the country would make trips shorter and faster and the risk of enchanting the reserves throughout the isthmus would validate such an endeavor. Its opening on 1914, symbolized the fulfillment of a valiant vision for more than 400 years. One of the hardest ever won by human initiative and is one of the world’s best engineering wonders. What to do at sentosa singapore¬†

Sustainable and adequate tourism and nature management and conservation activities such as wildlife and flora and vegetation watching sites are being developed and cultivated in less-developed areas of the former Canal Zone.

The Panama Canal has made it to be a worldwide business hub and an international attraction with more than ninety years, exotic flora and fauna. As an end result, its economy is now strongly based on services such as tourism and trans-shipment, free-trading operations, banking or financial services, commerce and private industries.

To make certain upcoming competitiveness, the Panama Canal Administration plans to dig a new additional set of wider, deeper and larger locks at a cost of $5.2 billion that would make path for modern container ships, cruise liners, tankers and vessels that are extremely large for its present 108-foot-wide locks. This plan is said to be the biggest innovation plan in the 92-year history of the Panama Canal. The excavation work for the channels leading to the new locks is under way targeting its completion by 2015.


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