Cheaters Can’t Hide From a Computer Forensic Examination

Extramarital activity is an unfortunate reality these days; nobody is immune to the devastation caused by a cheating partner. While there are a large number of marriages and partnerships with wholly committed individuals, for every truly committed relationship there are several where at least one partner is, in some way, sneaking around on the other. Today’s technologies have created a bubble of sorts, allowing cheaters to carry on with their extramarital activities with what they think is complete privacy. However, what most cheaters do not know is that, even though they may think that their ways are well hidden, there are ways to uncover what it is that they’ve been up to.

A computer forensic examination can help you recover previously deleted data from a computer’s hard drive. This ‘deleted data’ can include everything that has ever been stored on the computer — images, videos, visited websites, emails, installed applications, and more. In some cases, a computer forensic expert may be able to piece together several years’ worth of data that was supposedly deleted a long time ago. The main tools that cheaters use to hide their illicit activities allows them to clear their web browsing history, cookies, remove items from their recycle bin, and remove form data. Now, if you’re not a computer expert, deleted files and histories might as well as be gone forever, you’re not likely going to be able to recover them yourself. However, computer forensics examiner just because a file was deleted from a computer does not mean that it is gone forever.

When a file, a history item, an email, or anything else, is added to a computer hard drive, that data is there permanently until it is overwritten by new data. It may take weeks, months, or years for data to become ‘unrecoverable’, and this is how cheaters can be caught by computer forensic examination services. If your spouse or partner is using their computer to cheat on you, the technology is here that will help you to recover files that have been deleted from their computers.

Cheaters can continue to clean their web browsing history, deleting their emails, removing incriminating photos and videos. Fortunately, many cheaters and would-be cheaters think that this is enough for them to cover their tracks and to hide their illicit ways from you. While thinking that your spouse is cheating on you is hardly a positive situation, at least you have a way to catch them where they least expect it. Cheaters can cheat, but they can’t hide from a computer forensic examination.


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